About Us

Welcome to Your Very Own Dramatic Backdrop

With a lobby styled like that of a Victorian theater and rooms carrying easy, off-beat charm of a classic New Orleans Manor House, our property’s enchanting interiors, eye-catching art, marble-finishes, and gently deco-inspired decor tell a story about a city whose style and personality are never in doubt. Let our spaces transport you to another era, and follow the checkerboard flooring into guest rooms styled in turn-of-the-century decadence. 

A little much is what defines New Orleans. A sense of performance is never limited to just what’s on stage, with our downtown manor house a living experience of 19th-meets-22nd century comfort. Retire from the amusements of the Quarter into guest rooms that carry a mix of manor house personality and the expected luxuries and amenities of a modern hotel. Choose a sweeping street view, an intimate residence-style escape, or book our unique studio suite for a bit of extra room for your troupe. 

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